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Ray Ban Sunglasses, Ray Ban Aviators, Ray Ban Aviator. You may believe that this behavior is only displayed in the wild; no, this is Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses also their way to speak in a domesticated situation in your home. They are loud so I do not recommend getting one in an apartment situation. Macaws are good talkers not mimicking speech. Their diet consists of seed, I advocate a type of pellet included, fruits such as apples, oranges, mango, papaya, banana, berries and veggies like squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, baby carrots (they can hold like a toy), red peppers and many more. Remeber that all fruits and veggies should be washed as there are pesticides on them and they will pass through their small kidneys. Dehydrated fruits and veggies are great because they don't spoil. They are perfect when you are going on a trip. That is if your parrot will eat them. Just like humans they prefer Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses the real thing. I highly reccomend that you DO NOT give your parrot alcohol, avocado and chocolate as they are toxic. They can kill your parrot. There are other foods you should avoid giving your parrot; such as eggplant, raw potato, rhubarb (including the leaves), onion and caffiene products. Macaw parrots are like a feathered 3 yearold child you are going to bring into your home. They are very cuddly and animated; an excellent choice to have in any home, as they form very strong bonds within the family dynamics. They are very playful, sweet, the class clown and extremely social. They are smart and inquisitive which leads them into trouble. They are chewers and will chew anything. Like I said they are inquisitive by nature and may wander into your dining room and see that antique dining set your grandmother gave you. They don't see it as a family heirloom they see it as a toy and oh boy, it is something to chew. I recommend if you have anything important that you do not want to become kindle for the fire, keep it out of their way. They wander around the floor like your dog following you Ray Ban Aviators from room to room. It is so they can be with you Ray Ban Clubmaster and with their inquisitive nature, to see what they can get into. The nice thing about Macaw parrots is that many can stay on a play pen or stand while you are gone and will stay put. Though like any parrot they should have a cage to retreat Ray Bans Glasses to for food or just to take a nap. If you decide to cage your Macaw, you need to adhere to the guidelines of caging you parrot. You need to get the largest cage possible! They have a wing span up to 3 feet. They need to have the space to move around from perch to perch, play Ray Ban Clubmaster with toys and climb their cage. Their cage must be twice the size of their wing span and twice the size of their tail. If you do not follow these simple guidelines you will have an unhappy or injured parrot. A wrought iron or steel cage is highly recommended; Macaw beaks are very powerful and can break open nuts like a can opener. Like I mentioned they are chewers and can show through many perches you purchase. I suggest Manzanita or iron wood. They will eventually get through it but not as frequently. It is best to have dishes that are attached to the cage or you will find them on the floor.

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